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Here are our simple tricks that can persuade buyers to spend THOUSANDS more for your home:

1. First Impressions Count. Buyers will make a decision on the look of your house the second they see it from the road, the all important curb appeal! Spend time tidying the front garden, repaint fences and front doors and use flowers and pots to add colour and vibrancy.

2. Declutter your rooms. Make them as spacious as you can but leave some personality to the room. People are buying a lifestyle as much as a property, so if they can envisage themselves living in your home they are more likely to buy.

3. A kitchen can really sell a home. Update cabinetry if yours is looking a little tired. Fresh flowers and clean work surfaces go a long way to giving the best impression.

4. Make good any minor repairs. Missing door knobs, chipped doorframes, holes in walls, scuffed skirting boards. Investing in a deep clean throughout will also show your home in the most appealing way, there's nothing worse than a bathroom full of limescale!

5. Hang fresh towels and leave out room fragrancers in the bathroom - but make sure they are delicate and not overpowering.

6. Interior design tricks such as pinching pillows and arranging cushions on the sofas and beds will add a touch of elegance. Keep walkways and hallways clear of clutter to allow a free moving path through your home. A lack of storage is one way to turn off a potential buyer.

7. Mow your lawns, tidy garden sheds and clean your patio and driveway

8. Get your windows professionally cleaned, views outside are more appealing without grubby fingerprints!

9. Clear gutters of leaves, moss and weeds. The exterior look of your home can be a big factor in selling.

10. You will have chosen a great estate agent so let them show your property. We know the best way to answer the questions your buyer may have about your home and we are skilled at showing the best features of a property. We know what to highlight and to downplay.

The Pestell & Co Team

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