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Choosing your Estate Agent is the most important decision to make when considering selling your home, so you need to make sure it is the right decision. Don’t be flattered by high valuations, make sure they have comparable evidence that backs up what they are saying. Good local knowledge is very important so ensure your Estate Agent has this and a good track record. Personal recommendation is great. Just because you like a property through one Estate Agent don’t think you have to sell through them as well. It’s your home, and your choice. Think about what you want out of an agent, accompanied viewings, able to contact them out of normal office hours etc and check that your agent can do that.


Beware of lengthy sole agency contracts and notice periods, you shouldn’t need to sign a long fixed contract, you should be able to stay with your agent if you are happy but to change if you are not.


Is the fee structure clear? Check that you understand the fee structure, not all agents are transparent with their fees, if in doubt ask.


If you are doing the viewing, make the potential buyers feel welcome, present your property at it’s best, answer any questions they ask as best you can and offer information on the local area. Be interested but don’t ask their life history!

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